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One piece

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One piece 

food safe 


8 oz cup

Materials: Porcelain

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Care Instructions

1  Don’t drop it. No porcelain is immune from the forces of gravity. 
2  Avoid extreme temperatures. Don’t freeze porcelain. Keep it out of the oven and away from direct flame. Avoid all fast temperature changes such as jumping from the refrigerator to the microwave. If your dishwasher has a porcelain setting or a moderate temperature setting, use that. Skip the HOT drying cycle.

3  Go easy. Use mild soaps and detergents, all you need is a mild soap.  High-strength detergents in your dishwasher are overkill for porcelain. Never use abrasive cleansers or brushes. Stay away from bleach. It’s corrosive and can damage the glaze.

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